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Linksys E4200 Interactive Video [Features/Specs, Unboxing, Setup, and Speed Test]

This is the Cisco Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Wireless-N Router Interactive Video. There are four parts Features/ Specs, Unboxing, Setup, and Speed Test. Part One: Features and Specs (00:32) Part Two: Unboxing (03:13) Part Three: Modem to Router Setup (06:26) Part Four: Before/ After Speed Test (08:41) Liked the Video? Give a Thumbs Up! Have any Questions? Leave a Comment! Wanna see More? SUBSCRIBE! Wanna buy it the Linksys E4200? Cheapest price I have seen is 4.99: www.bestbuy.com

Linksys Router Interface Advantages – Why Linksys is a Perfect Choice for You NCIX Tech Tips

CA: www.ncix.com US: www.us.ncix.com Today we look at one of the few things that router manufacturers like talking about: the interface. Sure every router these days has pretty much the same technology checklist, but which ones would you be comfortable giving to your parents or grandparents knowing that it will work and they’ll be able to use it?