How To, Linksys Router Bridge Mode

How to Access a Linksys Router in Bridge Mode?

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Linksys Router Bridge Mode

Linksys routers are self-sufficient and can be used as standalone devices for network propagation. However, setting them up to work in bridge mode can help you accomplish varied device functionalities. Moreover, if you are looking to connect two routers to share the network resources or use a router as an additional access point, using the Linksys bridge mode can help. Furthermore, if you wish to connect the router to a modem/router provided to you by your ISP, or disable the router functionalities so it can work with third-party devices, you can set up your router to work as a bridge. This blog will walk you through the steps to access a Linksys router in bridge mode and improve the functionality.

Important to know

When you set up your Linksys router in bridge mode, it will lose its router capabilities and transform into an access point. The router will no longer act as a DHCP server and the built-in firewall along with the NAT features will also get disabled.

But, if you are looking for a secured network setup that provides improved network performance without losing the old router’s capabilities, you can arrange your new router next to the main router. This process is essentially called cascading.

Secondly, the features associated with the Linksys Connect software will get disabled automatically once the Bridge Mode is set up. If you have set up your router using the same, you will need to reset the same to factory defaults before you configure it in bridge mode.


Before you configure your Linksys router to bridge mode, make sure you have the following:

  • The main router; can be your modem/router provided by the ISP.
  • Active internet connection
  • Ethernet cable(s)
  • Linksys Smart WiFi router supporting Bridge Mode

Setting up Linksys Router in Bridge Mode

To proceed with the setup process, here are some instructions you can follow:

  • Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to any of the LAN ports on the router that supports the Bridge Mode capability.
  • Do not connect the cable to the internet port for now.

Note: Make sure the router that’s set to Bridge Mode remains connected to the main router using an ethernet cable. Establishing a wireless connection between any two routers will not help.

  • Now, plug one end of the power adapter into an electrical outlet and the other end into the Linksys router device.
  • Launch a compatible web browser and in the address bar, type the default web address http://myrouter.local or the IP address and press Enter.
  • You will now see a prompt for the router’s username and password on the computer screen. Type in the login details in the respective fields and click OK.
  •  The default username and password details can be found on the product label. You can use “admin” as both username and password.
  • You might see a small warning window pop up on the screen. Check the button next to “Do not show me this again.” and click on the Ok button.

Configuring Bridge Mode on Linksys router

  • You will now be redirected to the router’s web-based setup page. From under the ‘Internet Setup’ tab select the ‘Internet Connection Type’ as ‘Bridge Mode.’
  • From the Network Setup tab, under the router address window, make the selection as ‘Specify an IP address’.
  • You can now enter the appropriate IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway for the router device in the respective fields and then click on the Save Settings button.

Internet IPv4 Address: This is the address used for the Linksys router, and the value for this must be in the same range as the main router.

Subnet Mask: The values you select for this field must be similar to those of the main router.

Default Gateway: This value will define the IP address of the main router.

  • Now, connect the main router to the internet port of the Linksys router.

Note: Make sure you keep the SSID for both routers different from each other to avoid any future conflict.

  • Your Linksys Smart WiFi router is now set to Bridge Mode using the Classic Firmware settings. You can now use it as an access point that can effectively extend your home wifi network.

Troubleshooting Bridge Mode setup issues

If you are facing issues with setting up your Linksys router in Bridge Mode, you can always try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Firstly, power-cycle your Linksys router. You can unplug it from the power outlet and allow it to remain in this state for about 30 seconds. After this, connect it to the power outlet again and resume the power supply.
  • Try upgrading the firmware of your device. It is possible that your device is facing issues due to outdated device definitions. You can log in to the device setup wizard and then update the firmware from the admin panel.
  • If none of the troubleshooting steps help make your Linksys router work, you can factory reset your device. Once reset, start with the reconfiguration steps.

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