Linksys EA6400

Linksys EA6400 Router Quick Start Guide

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Linksys EA6400 Setup

This article is all about the Linksys EA6400 quick start guide. The article will guide you on how to set up the Linksys EA6400 wireless router to work with the Internet. The instructions that we have mentioned will teach you the process without the use of supplied installation disk. Please don’t download any software or driver to configure the Linksys router. This may put your router or your computer in danger.

Linksys EA6400 Quick Start Guide: Instructions

We have put down some of the basic instructions that will take you through the Linksys EA6400 quick start guide. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid facing any difficulty.

  1. Take the Linksys EA6400 wireless router out of the box and place it near the existing modem.
  2. Attach the router to the modem and the computer using the Ethernet cable. You can also connect the router to the computer using wireless mode. For that, you may require SSID and security passphrase of your wireless network.
  3. Turn on your Linksys router and go to your computer for the rest of the configurations.
  4. Open an updated web browser and navigate to the Linksys router login page. You will require the Linksys default IP address.

    Default IP address:
  5. After you visit the Linksys router login page on your web browser, you will see a Linksys router login window asking for router username and password. Enter the credentials and click the login tab.
  6. Now the browser will take you to the Linksys EA6400 quick start guide page.
  7. Click the Wireless icon the Linksys EA6400 setup guide will start.
  8. Detect the type of Internet connection on your router and set up the wireless settings.
  9. Assign your network an SSID and network key to protect it against any unauthorized user.
  10. Don’t forget to set the wireless channel for your router.
  11. After this, save the settings on your Linksys router and let the router restart.


Now that you have configured the router, reconnect to it and check whether the router is allowing you to connect to the Internet. If you can’t connect to the Internet, verify the information you have entered.

With this, we end the Linksys EA6400 quick start guide topic here. If you face any difficulty while attempting to set up the Linksys router with the Internet, call us on our 24×7 Toll-Free number and we will guide you on the same.

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