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Linksys EA9200 Setup

Welcome to this blog. This blog will teach you about the Linksys EA9200 router setup. Setting up a Linksys EA9200 router is a very simple and easy task. Basically what we need to do in the Linksys router setup is configure the router with the modem. This will allow your router to broadcast the Internet over the wireless radio signal. Let’s have a look at the process.

Linksys EA9200 Router Setup

To make you understand the Linksys EA9200 router setup process, we have mentioned the whole process by gathering some of the easy instructions. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Things Required

  • The Linksys router
  • An existing modem
  • 2 Ethernet cables


  1. Get your Linksys router out of the box and set up a physical connection between the router, modem, and the computer.
  2. After this, turn on your router and the computer.
  3. Go to the computer and open a web browser. Make sure the web browser is updated.
  4. Enter the default Linksys EA9200 IP address into the address bar and hit Enter on the keyboard.
  5. On your screen, you will see the Linksys router login page.
  6. Enter the admin username and password into the fields. Click the Login tab afterward.
  7. You will be now landing on the Linksys EA 9200 setup page.
  8. Look for the Wireless tab on the left side of the menu-bar.
  9. Now click Start and the Linksys router setup wizard will start. Just follow the on-screen instructions and the Linksys router setup wizard will drive you through the steps in order to set up the Linksys EA9200 router.

NOTE: After you complete your configuration steps, don’t forget to select the wireless radio signal for your router. We recommend choosing a less congested channel. You can choose either 1, 6, or 11.

So this was all about the Linksys EA9200 router setup process. We hope this blog helped you in the setting up of your wireless router. If you face an issue or any difficulty while attempting to set up the router, give us a call on our 24 x 7 Toll-Free number and our team of tech experts will guide you on the same. Thank you for reading this blog.

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