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Linksys Router Is Not Recognizing The Password

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Linksys Router Is Not Recognizing The Password

Nothing annoys me more than the Linksys router is not recognizing the password. The reason could be you have input the wrong password, there is an improper cable connection, or the firmware of the Linksys router password is outdated.

If you own a Linksys router and your Linksys router won’t accept passwords then you are not the only one. This is a common problem that users face. Because of that, we have a device to help you resolve if your Linksys router login failed.

Tips To Resolve Linksys Router Password Issues

Check If You Can Ping

Begin by connecting your computer to Linksys router using an Ethernet cable. Open the command prompt to check if you can ping If you get five packets then the good news is your router not defective or anything. 

A glitch is causing the error. Type on the same command window. Press the Enter key. This will normally launch a browser and you will get a prompt to enter your username and password.

Check The Cable Connection

If you are unable to connect to Linksys router then you must check the cable connection. Improper cable connection can restraint you from logging into your router. Make sure that cables are properly inserted and there are no defects or damage. 

If required, you can try changing the Ethernet cable. Also, make sure that the device is powered on. After checking all the things, you can move on and access the Linksys router login page. However, if still, Linksys router password not working, move on and try further steps.

Double-Check Login Information

Most of the time, Linksys router login failed if you have input the wrong login credentials. Make sure you are using the correct username and password combination. You can check the label of your router to find the correct username and password.

Update Router Firmware

In case, still, your Linksys router won’t accept passwords, then there must be some issues with your existing firmware. You must update the Linksys router firmware. You can simply visit the Linksys support website. Download the latest firmware file for your router and update it.

Reset The Linksys Router

If the Linksys router password is not working then it’s time to reset the router to the factory settings. To do so, you need to press and hold the tiny reset button using a sharp and blunt object. Do this for about 10 seconds or until the power LED starts blinking.

To complete the procedure, unplug the power adapter for 30 seconds. Plug it back in. this process will erase all the configured settings and it will also resolve the ‘unable connect to Linksys router’ issue. 

Finally, you can open the web browser and go to or login page. Input the default login credentials of the router.

By using these tips and tricks you can resolve Linksys router is not recognizing the password issue. For more details on Linksys Smart Wifi Password or to if you are facing any other issue with your router, you can contact our team and ask for their help.

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